Tour for Android is live!

Today we have launched Tour for Android. Our automatic mileage log app is now available in the Google Play Store. This means Android users can say goodbye to manually jotting down mileage, dates and locations.

All you have to do is activate the app. Then you just let Tour do all the work. The app recognizes if you’re on foot or going by car. It automatically tracks your trips and registers all relevant data like milage, locations and directions. All starts and stops are registered automatically by Tour.

You can categorize your trips as private or work-related. Places you visit are bookmarked for later use.

Another highlight: Tour is synced with the cloud. This means an automatic backup for your trips is created. This way your mileage log is stored according to technical requirements for electronic mileage logs established by many tax authorities.


Update on iBeacon issues with iOS10

Some time ago we had to report issues concerning iBeacons with iOS10.  If effected, recording wasn’t started reliably or randomly stopped in combination with iBeacons.

We are glad to tell that these problems are now solved with iOS10.3. Tour is now recording smoothly again.

Customers using a bluetooth hands-free kit for phone calls will note that drive log recordings are still stopped during a call. However, this is something that we can solve with a workaround in our Tour app. An update fixing this issue will be available soon.


timr on Tour is here!

It’s finally here: the integration of Tour in timr is now available as a first Public Beta.

Your Tour mileage log is now automatically saved in timr. This means you can use reports and analyses in timr for your Tour log.

Do you want to become a Tour beta tester?

If you want to be one of the first to test the automatic transfer of your Tour mileage log into timr then apply now as a beta tester. Just give us notice at info@tourapp.io

We look forward to hear from you!

Android beta tester wanted

With Tour an automatic mileage log is now on your Android Smartphone

After working hard and many findings from the iPhone app, time has finally come.

We are pleased to present for the first time an early version of our new Tour on Android app to some selected customers and public beta testers.

Do you want to become a Tour beta tester?

If you are tired of always having to jot down mileage, locations and directions and your preferred mobile device is an Android smartphone, you can apply now as tour beta tester at info@tourapp.io

We look forward to you!

Tour and iOS 10

Even though we started testing Tour under iOS 10 weeks before the release, it looks like the current version of Tour does not work as expected when running on iOS 10. This affects mainly two areas:

  1. Tour is getting stopped by the system when it’s recording in the background. The app seems to be killed more often on iOS 10 than in older iOS Versions. 
  2. The iPhone sometimes does not recognise the iBeacon, even if it’s right next to it. The iBeacon periodically sends signals which are received and processed by the iPhone. Under iOS 10 it happens that the iPhone sometimes does not process those signals for multiple minutes, which causes the recording to stop.

We are working intensively on a fix for those issues and we will provide an update for Tour within the next days.

Tour for Android

Yes, we are actually working on it. Tour was initially planned as an iPhone app but the great feedback we’ve received and the many requests from Android users who’d like to use Tour on their devices, made us think about the development of an Android app.

Today we want to give you a sneak preview of the current development. Tour for Android will have the same features as the iPhone app, stay tuned!

Tour Notifications

We’ve learned 2 very important things about good software.

Good software does what I want it to do. Really good software even tells me that it does what I want, or that it can not work for some reason and then doesn’t bother me again.

This was what we aimed for when we developed notifications and alerts for the new Tour version 1.1.4, which is available since this weekend.
Discreet notifications, which you’ll notice but which are not disturbing and unmistakably indicate if something does not happen as expected.

The result of our work are the Tour notifications and the inactive alert, which make Tour even more convenient.

Trip started

Once you reach your car, iBeacon car detection connects with Tour and automatically starts tracking if you are driving in your car.

You don’t have to take any action. If you want, you can slide this notification to the right and edit the mileage.

Trip recorded

Your trip is automatically recorded once you stop.

Again, no action is needed. However, you can categorize the trip with a swipe to the left. With a swipe to the right you can edit the mileage right on your lockscreen.

Tour inactive alert

An iOS app can be terminated for many reasons – even if you didn’t close it yourself.

The iBeacon car detection warns you if Tour was closed without intention.

Simply swipe the notification to the right to restart Tour and tracking will be active again.

We are eager to hear how you like the new Tour notifications and appreciate any feedback – simply add a comment right below!

Say hello to – iBeacon Car Detection

We’re glad to announce that we’ve launched Tour 1.1 today.

Some details about the update …

iBeacon Car Detection

iBeacon Car Detection adds the following great improvements to Tour:

  1. With an iBeacon, Tour detects if you’re in your car or not. Once you exit your car it doesn’t need any additional battery in order to detect if you start driving again. Simply keep recording on – always!
  2. With car detection, Tour only tracks mileage if you’re using your car and not if you’re using any other transport (for example if you’re driving to lunch with your colleague or if you take the Bus during the day).
  3. As soon as Tour supports multiple cars (we’re working on it), it will track mileage for the right car automatically.

What is an iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a small hardware which communicates with your iPhone using Bluetooth LE. iBeacons are available from different vendors. For car detection in Tour, we’ve developed our own nice iBeacons. They have a battery (lasts about 2 y) and you can simply put them anywhere in your car, no installation needed.

Where can I buy an iBeacon?

You can order Tour iBeacons in our Online Stop. We’re currently only shipping with the EU. Please let us know if you’d like to purchase from outside the EU, we’ll work something out.


Tour notifies you as soon as a new trip was started or finished. This let’s you easily verify your odometer and categorise your new trip, even from the lock-screen.

Apple Watch App

Keep an eye on your odometer and categorise a new tour from your wrist by using our Apple Watch App


  • Full screen mode for the map in tour details.
  • Export improvements: Choose to export date or date and time.


Bigger … Tour

With version 1.0.5 we’ve added support for the larger screen sizes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Start your first trip!

We’ve finally opened the door and are inviting you to take your first trip with Tour.

Tour marks a great new milestone on our journey. The development of “timr”, our first mileage log app, began in 2008. Driven by our company motto “Software from passion”, we constantly strive to improve our software in whatever way is technically possible, in the interest of everyone who uses it. What we didn’t like about our mileage log app – just like all the others – was the fact that there are better things to do when you’re on the road than making notes about your journeys.

With this in mind, we set off on another type of journey in 2011 and began experimenting with GPS support for our mileage log app. We had developed an algorithm which only recorded the movements of car in motion while filtering out movement on foot. This initial attempt was good, but not enough. In 2012, we started combining all our leanings. We started to conceive an app that completely redefined the mileage log. We wanted to create an app that didn’t take away the pleasure from being on tour, but instead contributes to the pleasure by sharing it with those at home. We developed Tour and today


you can use it for the first time.

To celebrate the launch of Tour, we are offering 50% discount on both in-app purchases for the first 3 days.

Download the app now and enjoy the ride!