Start your first trip!

Mario Breid
September 3, 2014

We’ve finally opened the door and are inviting you to take your first trip with Tour.

Tour marks a great new milestone on our journey. The development of “timr”, our first mileage log app, began in 2008. Driven by our company motto “Software from passion”, we constantly strive to improve our software in whatever way is technically possible, in the interest of everyone who uses it. What we didn’t like about our mileage log app – just like all the others – was the fact that there are better things to do when you’re on the road than making notes about your journeys.

With this in mind, we set off on another type of journey in 2011 and began experimenting with GPS support for our mileage log app. We had developed an algorithm which only recorded the movements of car in motion while filtering out movement on foot. This initial attempt was good, but not enough. In 2012, we started combining all our leanings. We started to conceive an app that completely redefined the mileage log. We wanted to create an app that didn’t take away the pleasure from being on tour, but instead contributes to the pleasure by sharing it with those at home. We developed Tour and today


you can use it for the first time.

To celebrate the launch of Tour, we are offering 50% discount on both in-app purchases for the first 3 days.

Download the app now and enjoy the ride!